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Mission and History

Since its founding in 1988, the Center for Education has created links between learning, research, curriculum, and school organization and policy. It has become a significant presence in school change in Texas and nationally by working closely with school practitioners, community leaders, policy makers, and children.
The Center strives to improve K through 12 education by:
providing meaningful educational opportunities for all; creating new ways for teachers to learn, and developing research-based projects to enhance teaching and learning in pre-college environments;
establishing and strengthening links between business, community leaders, artists, writers, scientists, university scholars, and school professionals;
developing collaborations between Center projects to broaden and deepen the efforts of each; building networks of teacher leaders; providing a base for policy discussions, and serving as a catalyst for broad, systemic, lasting improvements in school reform; conducting research on teaching and learning, as well as disseminating the information with the goal of serving as a national model for educational reform.