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Impact of Policy on Practice
Linda M. McNeil and Eileen Coppola
"Official and Unofficial Stories: Getting at the Impact of Policy on Educational Practice." In Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research, J. Green, G. Camilli, & P. B. Elmore, eds. (for the American Educational Research Association: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates , 2006)

Teacher Learning
Elnora Harcombe, Science in Urban Classrooms
Science Teaching/Science Learning: Constructivist Teaching in Urban Classrooms (Teachers College Press, Spring, 2001)

Eileen Coppola
Powering Up: Learning to Teach Well with Technology (Teachers College Press, September 2004)

Children's learning and culture
Angela Valenzuela
Subtractive Schooling: U.S.-Mexican Youth and the Politics of Caring (SUNY Press, 1999)

Equity, learning, and policy
Linda McNeil
"Faking Equity: High-Stakes Testing and the Education of Latino Youth." In Leaving Children Behind: How "Texas-Style" Accountability Fails Latino Youth, edited by Angela Valenzuela. (SUNY Press, 2004).

Linda McNeil, Angela Valenzuela
"The Harmful Impact of the TAAS System of Testing in Texas: Beneath the Accountability Rhetoric," Linda McNeil and Angela Valenzuela, Raising Standards or Raising Barriers? Inequality and High Stakes Testing in Public Education, edited by Gary Orfield and Mindy Kornhaber (Harvard Civil Rights Project, 2001).

Testing, reform, and equity
Linda McNeil
Contradictions of School Reform: Educational Costs of Standardized Testing
(Routledge, 2000)

Teaching and the organization of schooling
Linda McNeil
Contradictions of Control: School Structure and School Knowledge (Routledge, 1988)

Recent Conference, October 6, 2006:
The Texas Dropout Crisis and Our Children: A Conference on Graduation Rates, Causes of Dropping Out, and Policy Solutions
Click here for Conference Findings.

Judy Radigan
Dropout Study in Collaboration with students and teachers from Furr High School and Education students from Rice University, presented at the Houston ISD Conference "Expectation:Graduation."

The Power of Exclusion: Potential High School Dropouts Speaking Out, a paper presented at AERA in Montreal, April 15, 2005.

Houston Annenberg Challenge Evaluation
Linda McNeil, Principal Investigator
Eileen Coppola
Judy Radigan
Amy Sexton
Ruth Silva

Click here for audio of Diane Ravitch's speech at Rice University on October 14, 2010. (low quality audio)