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Summer Institute on Reading, Writing, and Cultural Connections

Please visit http://literacy.rice.edu/slc/summer-institute-teachers for information about our 2014 Summer Institute.

The School Literacy and Culture Project was truly transformational.  I would recommend this experience to any early childhood educators. I can honestly say this was the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. 
        Sarah Rulli
        Brookwood School
        Manchester, Massachusetts


Attendees at the 2012 Summer Institute

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Please email slc@rice.edu if you have questions.

In this weeklong institute, teachers of young children reframe their reading and writing practices in light of new research trends. Join a community of early childhood teachers committed to thinking deeply about best literacy practice and bring home hundreds of classroom ideas. Participants in our Classroom Storytelling Project are encouraged to enroll in the Summer Institute, which reinforces and deepens the learning of the school-year sessions.

 Not to gush, but this was just about perfect.  It was so inspiring to be in the company of so many amazing teachers. This has been the most fun, enjoyable, knowledgeable, organized, and thought-provoking class I have ever had the pleasure to attend. 
        Lisa Picciandra
        Calvary Episcopal School
        Bastrop, Texas

Topics include:
  • Translating cutting edge reading and writing research into classroom practice
  • Making the most of children’s storytelling, dictation, and dramatization
  • Developing effective strategies for teaching alphabet and print knowledge, phonological awareness, and other essential literacy skills
  • Considering the big picture of early education: teacher /child relationships, self regulation, socio-moral development, and more
  • Bridging the gap between children’s home and school cultures
  I appreciated your flexibility in meeting teachers where we are in terms of interest, abilities, knowledge, etc.  I will use story dictation as an authentic source of assessment of oral language development and vocabulary development, as well as comprehension.
        Denise Wilborn
        Small Steps Nurturing Center
        Houston, Texas

For further information:
  Please email  slc@rice.edu  or call  713-348-5333

Click here to learn more about the School Literacy and Culture Project

I loved the way the days were woven together, from dramatizations, theory, practice, small interest groups, etc. The way community was created.  In other words, all the ways you did with us what you advocate we do with children.
        Jessie Wenning
        Cambridge Public Schools
        Cambridge, Massachusetts

 It gave me the “why” in what I do presented more clearly than any in my career. 
        Dana Camp-Farber
        Annunciation Orthodox School
        Houston, Texas

    Please note:

  • CEUs are available for purchase through Rice University; please see option at online registration.

  • Reasonably-priced dormitory-style housing may be available on the Rice campus for out-of-town registrants. Please call our office if you are interested. 713-348-5333.