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The Center for Education was originally established in 1988 under the leadership of founding director, Dr. Linda McNeil.  In its original incarnation, the Center was focused on educational research designed to address issues of equity in education.  

While equity remains at the heart of our programming, over time, the work of the Center for Education has evolved from a research focus into a more “theory into practice” endeavor with practitioners at the center of what we do.

Male student graduating
Female student graduating
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Student in class
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The Center

The Center for Education at Rice University serves as the engine for "theory into practice" preK-12 outreach and impact. Based on a foundation of collaborative partnerships among Rice clinical education faculty, Houston education practitioners, like-minded non-profits and university researchers, the Center seeks to advance knowledge related to pre-K to 12 teaching and learning with the goal of positively impacting public schools in the Houston metropolitan area.

Teacher in class
Teacher in class
Teacher teaching
Teacher teaching

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